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Custom Clearances


We offer to take care of the entire customs clearance activity for you.

Customs Clearance Services for Import Consignments

Prior Documentation - As soon as we receive the advance set of documents we begin the process. From classification of items to various Custom Notifications/exemptions etc our team of Experts handles all the issues. These experts ensure that our Customers avoid delay in clearance and there is no heavy demurrage or detention charges thereby avoiding any financial issues.

What are the services we offer?

  • We use the latest technology to make sure that goods are released at the earliest. Online entry helps in ensuring speedy action.
  • As soon as the consignments are cleared, a clear demarcation is done for the consignments to be divided for home consumption, warehousing, in-bound, ex-bound and high sea sale.
  • We can provide you with the requisite ATA carnet clearances thereby assisting in importing without duties for a temporary period.
  • Processing and cancellation of customs bond (viz. PD bond, test bond, etc).
  • The government has provided us with various schemes for the benefit of importers/exporters. We help in the processing and clearance under these schemes, viz. DEEC, DEPB, EPCG and DFRC scheme
  • If yours is a perishable good, we also obtain clearance for "dry ice" and these "perishable" shipments
  • We not only provide Shipping services, but also consult. Our experts can help you on imports and SVB related issues, in case you would like some advice on that.
  • We would be submitting a daily status report of import consignments to you to enable you to track and monitor your shipments
  • Processing of refunds and claims, wherever necessary will be taken care of by us.
  • As a customer, your time is more valuable to us. We will ensure that you get the timely clearances in order to deliver on time, everytime.

Documentation for Imports

The following documents are necessary to clearance of Imported goods in India

  1. Invoice in Original
  2. Packing list Original
  3. Bill of Lading/AWB Original endorsed by the Importer & Bank (if any)
  4. Insurance Certificate / Cover note
  5. Purchase Order & Letter of Credit (if any)
  6. Price List/Sale Contract
  7. Import License (if the Item requires License)
  8. Import License (if the Item requires License)


  • We have a panel of experts in the field of Export Clearances too. Therefore, your Shipping Bill Filing, Inspection, drawback and other related procedures will be taken care of without the slightest glitch by our team.
  • Our experts can also provide you with professional guidance on exports incentives, to help you gain more in the bargain.
  • We have concrete experience in handling any types of shipping bills. You can rest assured that you are in the hands of some of the most able hands in this field
  • We are also very adept at handling break bulk cargo's & special equipments. In order to do so, we have used diverse container types from Flat track, open top, Refer or regular Containers)
  • We will be handing over DSR/BSR reports to you as per the format that you provide us.
  • Cargo Marine Insurance would also be provided to you, based on your choice of insurance. We handle the paper work for you as per your requirements.
  • The laborious Bill of lading process shall also be taken care of by us – after all our loyalties always lie with our customers first .
  • We arrange and meet up with the ship or flight for time bound cargo's like automotive parts & garments & perishable goods. Your cargo is now our concern.

Documentation for Exports

The following documents are mandatory to plan successful shipment of goods from India to overseas buyers:

  1. Invoice
  2. Packing list
  3. GF/SDF form duly signed by Exporter
  4. Copy of the Letter of Credit
  5. Purchase Order
  6. Agency Certification (if req.)
  7. Export Customs Clearance