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Domestic Transportation


Not only do we provide transportation by sea and Air, but we also have an excellent Road fleet. Whatever the type of cargo, irrespective of their dimension or their weight, we ensure that they are delivered on time. We are engaged in providing Containers services to our clients for carrying different materials from one place to another. All these services are provided to you with the aid of expert professionals, who always make sure that they follow industry norms. We provide customized services in accordance with your requirements. Your satisfaction is our reward. We can guarantee safe transportation, reliable network, and door-to-door service for your cargo.


We also provide train cargo services where we ship cargos through freight trains. We now use a combination of transport methods to ship your goods that includes the use of freight trains for your satisfaction. Train Cargo services ensure that products are shipped and received more quickly and efficiently than a Road Transport method. Train cargo by train can be the most practical and least expensive way to send your freight from one location to another.

It is a highly affordable option if you want to ship very large or heavy cargoes. Ideally, your cargo should be located near a rail service station so that you don't need to send it long distances for drop-off and pick-up.

Customer satisfaction is the mantra on which Seasky Exim works. To make it possible, we have have ensured that we are near our clients. We keep our all clients updated with not only our prices and revision in prices, but also the time & delivery schedule of their shipment.

We have customers all over the country. They use the ports that are nearest to them in order to ship their cargo. various To service their needs, we have signed contracts with major transport service providers in order to provide reliable service all over India. We have no exceptions to the kind of cargos we can carry. Over size cargo, Refer cargos, Heavy lift cargos, whatever be your needs, you just have to mention it to us and we shall take care.