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Customs Clearance

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Customs Clearance

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Customs Clearance / Import (Air / Sea)

  • All Customs Entires are field Electronically through online, thus Enabling Early Release of Goods, before their Date of Arrival.
  • Clearing of Consignments for Home Consumption, Warehousing, In-Bond, Ex-Bond and High Sea Sale.
  • ATA Carnet Clearances.
  • Processing and Clearance under EPCG, DEEC, DFRC and all Schemes etc.
  • Clearance of "Dry Ice" and "Perishable" Shipments.
  • Consultancy and Advice on Imports and SVB Refunds / DGFT.
  • Retail Product for EG (Garments, Shoes, Home Appliances etc.)
  • Auto Products etc.
  • Submitting Daily Status Report of Import Consignments.
  • Processing of Refunds, Claims.
  • Providing Timely Clearance as per Customer Requirements.

Customs Clearance / Export (Air / Sea)

  • Shipping Bill Filing, Inspection, Drawback and other Related Procedures will be handled Smoothly and Professionally by our Personnel.
  • Expert Guidance on Exports Incentives.
  • Handling any type of Shipping Bill's.
  • Expert Handling in Break Bulk Cargo's & Special Equipment's (Flat Track/Open Top/Refer/Containers)
  • Providing DSR / BSR Reports as per Required Format.
  • Cargo Marine Insurance and Bill of Lading Processes.
  • Ensure to meet as per planned vessel/flight for Automotive Parts, Garments & Perishable.

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